High professional and ethical standards are key elements of the business philosophy on which Consultor is founded.

This applies to all the services we provide, including our search, recruitment and selection projects. An erroneous appointment may result in market-related losses and disruption within the organisation, combined with uncertainty and personal hardship for the individual recruited to the wrong position. For this reason, our recruitment procedures must provide assurance to both parties to as great extent as possible.

Consultor’s clients are made up exclusively of businesses and organisations.

Consultor only accepts projects that can be completed in a proper business-like and professional manner.

Consultor treats all information about its clients’ activities and individuals’ personal details in the strictest confidence.

Consultor makes no disclosures to third parties about its clients’ activities or individuals’ personal details without prior consent. Consent is always obtained before a client is used as a reference in connection with the marketing of our services.

Consultor considers all applicants on an equal footing, and as such no applicant is prejudged as qualified or disqualified on the basis of his or her holding a position in an organisation which is one of Consultor’s clients.

Consultor treats all candidates individually and with respect.

As part of our search and anonymous advertising procedures, the identity of a candidate is only disclosed to the client once the candidate has given his or her consent.

The psychological tests carried out by Consultor shall not only always meet the requirements stipulated for occupational psychological testing, but shall also constitute an integral part of an interview which
in turn should always be concluded with verbal feedback to the candidate.

References will be contacted only after prior consent, and no disclosure will be made of the position for which the candidate is applying.

Consultor carries out continuous follow-up of all recruitments in order to ensure that the appointment is working optimally.

If no appointment is made, all information regarding the candidate will be destroyed when the assignment is concluded unless the candidate wishes his or her details to be stored in a subject database. If information regarding a candidate has been disclosed to the client, a summary of his or her personal details will thus be archived for six months, pursuant to the provisions of the Danish Processing of Personal Data Act.