Consultor offers consultancy services to both private and public sector organisations within the following fields:

  • Recruitment (Search & Selection)
  • Business, Strategy and Organisational Development
  • Leadership, Management and Employee Development
  • Team Building.
  • Individual redeployment
  • Individual career advice
  • Individual coaching
  • Market analyses and end-user surveys
  • Courses in human resource management and development.

As a result of many years working with private and public sector organisations, Consultor has accumulated extensive experience in the recruitment and development of managers and employees, as well as business development and re-structuring.

Over the years, Consultor has facilitated the recruitment of more than 8,000 individuals, and has carried out a large number of business-related projects in small, medium-sized and large private and public sector organisations.

Our approach has always entailed collaboration based on personal contact, a high degree of service orientation, quality, and great respect for the people and organisations involved in our projects.

At Consultor we direct our main focus towards ensuring that as much consideration is given to the personnel involved as to the respective organisations’ existing culture, organisational structure and operational approach. At the same time it is very important that all managers and employees are closely involved in the restructuring processes which emerge, since otherwise no positive effect will result from the changes.

Consultor is part of an extensive network which underpins its professional development and experience.

Consultor also offers to assume responsibility for all or part of the Human Resource management role at organisations which may wish to outsource specific functions in order to be able to focus on their core activities and results.